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What size would be best for my vehicle?

It really depends on your car, truck or SUV. For example, a Ford F-150 (without a leveling kit or lift kit) only can use standard wheels and tires without causing any rubbing inside the inner fenders. A Ford F-150 with a leveling kit can have tires as large as 33x12.5, while a Ford F-150 with a four-inch lift kit can run 35' tires with the right backspacing on the wheels.

Why does the way my vehicle drive feel rough or difficult?

Our expert staff at Bully Frog Customs, your destination for local car and truck customs, will first make sure that your tires are balanced and have the proper amount of pressure. Next, we would check the alignment of your vehicle and if that is not the issue, we would recommend further diagnostics. There are multiple inspection points to ensure your ride stays smooth and we always look at the most affordable options first.

This is an odd question. My wife has a jeep wrangler and we have two hound dogs that she brings with her to work. One can jump into the back without an issue but the other doesn't. We ended up getting a "Twistep" that connects to her trailer hitch so the dog can step up into the back of the jeep. The Jeep leaks every time it rains and she ends up with puddles in the front floor on both sides. We've tried having the gaskets replaced but it still leaks. Anyway, she is tired of it and thought about switching with me. I have a 2012 Toyota Tundra. The problem is that we're not sure how the one dog could get into the back seat. That's a long winded way to get to my question. Is it possible or feasible to attach some kind of "twistep' on the side of the truck next to the back door for the dog to use? The nice thing about the "Twistep" is that to use it it spins or twists out from under the vehicle and when you don't need it it twists back under the the vehicle. I guess it might be easier to fix the leaks on the Jeep but I don't have much confidence in the Jeep dealers after they've tried multiple times. Please let me know. Thanks! Paul

I'm not sure what a twistep is to be honest. Do you know who makes it so I can research it for you?

I recently cracked the tire mount on my jeep wrangler and my tire is leaning and it's very shakey when I drive, so I'm wondering could you guys put on a new tire mount and put the tire back on it? And do you have a tire mount or would I need to buy one from an outside place?

We can replace the tire mount and get one for you to purchase. When do you want to get it done?

I am interested in Remote Start for my 2013 Toyota Avalon. I would like to get an estimate of the cost and how long it takes. Thanks. ~lisa

Lisa, We can do the remote start for you. It costs 299.99 and takes approximately 4 hours worse case scenario.

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