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What size would be best for my vehicle?

It really depends on your car, truck or SUV. For example, a Ford F-150 (without a leveling kit or lift kit) only can use standard wheels and tires without causing any rubbing inside the inner fenders. A Ford F-150 with a leveling kit can have tires as large as 33x12.5, while a Ford F-150 with a four-inch lift kit can run 35' tires with the right backspacing on the wheels.

Why does the way my vehicle drive feel rough or difficult?

Our expert staff at Bully Frog Customs, your destination for local car and truck customs, will first make sure that your tires are balanced and have the proper amount of pressure. Next, we would check the alignment of your vehicle and if that is not the issue, we would recommend further diagnostics. There are multiple inspection points to ensure your ride stays smooth and we always look at the most affordable options first.

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